Sleigh is dedicated to bringing your content to the global market. With a creative team boasting 15 years of localisation experience, Sleigh is not your typical translation platform.

Using technology to empower the creative process, Sleigh specialises in localising content while maintaining its creative integrity.

We seamlessly combine localised audio with source video, creating convincing and familiar content for an otherwise alienated market.

Our dedication to quality and efficiency has made us one of the preferred talent providers in Asia, handling productions of A-list movies such as the Star Wars and Marvel movie franchises.


Dubbing & Voice Overs

Our pool of talents consists of the Philippines' best and most experienced voice actors who have not only lent their voices to localised television series and movies, but have also recorded original audio content for commercial use.

Professionals all, they put high importance on their skill of creating new and imitating popular voices. As such, they devote themselves to education and mentorships, provided by Sleigh Group's unique training curriculum for voice actors.

Translations & Subtitles

Our pool of writers are communication experts seasoned by actual work experience and honed by constant training. We currently boast masters of the Tagalog and English languages and are training more speciallsts in different other languages. Check in regularly to be updated of other languages we offer, or simply click on Enquire to learn more.

Creative Staff

Apart from our voice actors and translators, our talent pool is completed by a solid team of dubbing / recording directors, lyricists, musicians, and original content writers who uphold the highest artistic standards while understanding and delivering what our clients need.

Thus, clients are assured that each project is handled by a group of professionals with the highest creative integrity who prioritizes our clients' objectives. Effective communication through popular media is their goal, and getting the message across is their art.

Studio & Technicals

With our partner studios, we give clients a wide range of services within flexible rates. Recording, dubbing, mixing, editing, scoring, or mastering for a low-budget online content or a full commercial feature film, we are sure to find you the best deal with the best studio for the best content.

Production Management

Highly trained and experienced project managers and coordinators solidify our quality service. From managing schedules to coordinating talents, from required tech riders to post-prod documents, our dependable production team provide a hassle-free environment so the rest of the team can work with ease. That is why our clients call them their best friends.

Technical & Production Staff

We also offer the individual services of our technical and production pool. Audio engineers, audio mixing experts, project coordinators, and other essential people you need to man your project ‐ all capable of finishing up the nitty-gritties of your production.


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